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1.1 AXB allows the Driver to take possession of and drive the AXB vehicle subject to the terms of this Agreement.
1.2 AXB allows the Driver to use equipment in the vehicle in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
1.3 This Agreement begins when the Driver is authorized by AXB to take possession of the AXB vehicle.
1.4 This Agreement ends when the Driver returns the AXB vehicle and equipment to an AXB officer.
1.5 AXB will maintain a record of all payments made to the Driver and details of all bookings completed.
1.6 AXB will maintain a record of all incidents and accidents reported by a passenger or Driver.
1.7 AXB will action or remedy all complaints or defects reported by a passenger or Driver.
1.8 AXB will not charge the Driver any fee or surcharge that is not set out on the weekly booking summary.
1.9 The Driver must complete a weekly booking summary to be paid 55% of the Total Fares earned while the Driver
has control of the AXB vehicle. Total Fares are the total amount paid by the customer as detailed on the booking
email and text, but do not include Toll fees, Airport fees or Government fees. All items are inclusive of G.S.T.


2.1 AXB will pay all operating and maintenance costs of the AXB vehicle. Any fuel or vehicle expense paid by the
Driver will be detailed on the booking summary and reimbursed in full to the Driver.
2.2 AXB can nominate the places of purchase for items under clause 2.1. If AXB nominates the place of purchase,
then the Driver must purchase the items at the nominated places, unless the purchase is not practical (for
example, a nominated place of purchase is close by or enroute).
2.3 The Driver must complete and email to the weekly booking summary for each weekly period
Monday to Sunday and include copies of receipts for the purchase of any items under this clause within a reasonable time
after the purchase of the items. AXB will reimburse the Driver within 3 days of receiving the weekly booking
summary and receipts from the Driver.
2.4 AXB will maintain one or more policies of insurance providing cover of at least $5,000,000 for each AXB vehicle
driven by the Driver against liability in respect of property damage caused by or arising out of the legal and safe
use of the AXB vehicle.
2.5 AXB is responsible for and will pay any applicable excess on the policy payable in relation to a claim involving
the AXB vehicle.
2.6 AXB will ensure that the AXB insurance policy or policies are current, and must provide a copy to the Driver on
2.7 AXB will ensure that the AXB vehicle registrations are current, and must provide a copy to the Driver on request.
2.8 With the exclusion of Driver Bond liability, AXB will indemnify the Driver for vehicle damage arising out of the
use of the AXB vehicle, and for costs including legal costs associated with such vehicle damage.
2.9 If an Accident or Incident occurs while the Driver is in possession of the AXB vehicle, the Driver must inform AXB
of the Incident as soon as possible (including, where possible, the details of all the people involved, witnesses,
injuries suffered and damage to property) and as soon as possible, give AXB copies of any statements the Driver
makes to the police or any other person about the Incident. The Driver must also include an accident or incident
report on the weekly booking summary.
2.10 Subject to the other terms of this Agreement and any applicable laws, only the authorized Driver will have
exclusive control and use of the AXB vehicle for the sole purpose of completing AXB bookings or other AXB
assigned duties.


3.1 AXB require the Driver to pay a bond. The total amount collected as a bond must not be more than $1,000. AXB
will collect the bond in weekly amounts of $20.00 by deduction from total earnings detailed on the weekly
booking summary.
3.2 Providing that AXB can provide reasonable evidence of the loss, AXB may only take money from the bond if the
AXB vehicle or any item of Equipment is damaged due to the Driver’s conduct.
3.3 If AXB wishes to claim an amount from the bond, AXB will notify the Driver in writing and state the amount of
the loss, the description of the loss and include quotes or receipts. In any dispute, clause 3.5 will apply.
3.4 Where a dispute arises between the Driver and AXB, either party may give a notice to the other party that states
that there is a dispute. The parties agree to meet and attempt to resolve the dispute within seven days of the
notice of dispute or if the parties have agreed to a longer time, the parties must meet and attempt to resolve
the dispute within that longer time.
3.5 On termination of this Agreement, AXB will refund to the total balance of the bond to the Driver.


4.1 Where the Driver has worked regularly for AXB for 12 months or more, the Driver will be allowed to take a
period of up to four weeks of unpaid leave on a pro rata basis. The Driver must provide AXB with advance written
notice of the leave dates.
4.2 The Driver will be allowed to take sick leave and any time and must report any illness or symptoms including
driving fatigue to AXB that may influence the health and safety of a passenger or the Driver. The Driver may
notify AXB and take time off to recover from any illness or any driving fatigue.


5.1 In addition to other obligations in this Agreement, the Driver will ensure that the Driver’s driver license, Driver
Accreditation and any other relevant endorsements are current and promptly notify AXB the Driver’s License or
Accreditation is cancelled or suspended.
5.2 The Driver will pay any fines incurred by the Driver when using the AXB vehicle and comply with all conditions
of their Driver Accreditation and with all statutory obligations, under the Road Safety Act.
5.3 The Driver must immediately report any AXB vehicle notices or defects including safety and roadworthy checks.
If the Driver notices any damage or defects to the AXB vehicle or the Equipment, the Driver must inform AXB by
email or text and make a note on the weekly booking summary.
5.4 The Driver must comply with all laws, including all provisions of the Regulations that apply to the Driver and
only use the AXB vehicle for the purposes of this Agreement.
5.5 The Driver must not part with possession of the AXB vehicle or allow any other person to drive the AXB vehicle
use the Equipment in the vehicle.
5.6 The Driver must not make any modifications to the AXB vehicle or the Equipment and always exercise
reasonable care for the AXB vehicle and the Equipment.
5.7 At all times, the Driver must accept a Booking Payment for the completion of an AXB booking. If a passenger
offers to pay for a booking the Driver must take all reasonable steps to ensure the passenger makes the correct
payment for the completed booking. Where a Booking Payment is not made by a passenger the Driver must
inform AXB within 24 hours.


6.1 AXB will make a copy of this Agreement available to the Driver at all times online.
6.2 AXB will comply with all laws including vehicle registration, licensing, safety and roadworthiness laws.
6.3 AXB will comply with all Commercial Passenger Vehicle Victoria Conditions to ensure that the interior
and exterior of the AXB vehicles are clean, roadworthy and damage free.
6.4 AXB will provide a driver phone and tracking network and at all times ensure Drivers are contactable
and connected to the network while completing AXB Bookings.
6.5 AXB will maintain a WorkSafe Insurance policy to cover the Driver while driving and keep all records
relating to this Agreement for five years after the end of this Agreement.
6.6 AXB will provide the Driver details of any infringement notices that relate to the Driver within 48 hours
of AXB receiving the infringement notice.
6.7 AXB will maintain Driver and Booking records for all AXB vehicles.
6.8 AXB will only use information the Driver has provided to them for the purposes for which it was given
to them and not disclose any information the Driver has provided to them to anyone else unless it is
authorized by this Agreement or if the Driver expressly consents or if required to do so by law.


The parties will act in a reasonable way and help each other comply with their respective obligations. Each party
must promptly inform the other party of changes to any information given to the other party under this Driver
AXB is committed to providing and maintaining the highest standard of health and safety for all. Hazards and risks
to health and safety must be mutually identified and eliminated or minimized, as far as is reasonably practicable.
The responsibility for managing health and safety ultimately rests AXB, however, Drivers have important
responsibilities for health and safety in the vehicle and on the roads.
We are committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation
2011, codes of practice and other safety guidance material.

AXB Management:

• Ensure the business complies with all legislation relating to health and safety
• Eliminate or minimize all vehicle and driving hazards and risks as far as is reasonably practicable
• Provide information, instruction and training to enable Drivers to drive safely
• Support Drivers to ensure bookings are completed safely
• Consult with and involve Drivers on matters relating to health, safety and wellbeing
• Provide appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment
• Provide a suitable injury management and return to work program.

AXB Drivers:

• Take care for their own health and safety and be aware of driver fatigue management
• Follow safe work procedures, instructions and rules
• Participate in safety training and report health and safety hazards
• Report all injuries and incidents and use safety equipment as instructed